Designed for provider laboratories and industries of agribusiness, cosmetic and environment, TETRAED ensures the complete management of technical and administrative activities. 
Taking advantage of an extensive expertise in microbiology and having a user-friendly interface, TETRAED is an easy, communicating and evolutionary software.

TETRAED allows all laboratory players to communicate and interact with each other for better collaboration:

Designed for your success

Maximize your productivity

  • Optimization of process for increased laboratory efficiency
  • Deletion of data retyping to reduce the risk of error
  • Improvement of analysis process (Workflow)
  • Consolidation of centralized data facilitates insight and accelerates reporting
  • Simplifying the distribution of information

Reduce your costs

  • Improvement in organizing teams and ressources
  • Increased profitability due to financial control of storage and materials
  • Time saving through task automation, dashboard notifications and decisional alerts during analysis process

Control the quality

  • Full traceability of data quality ensures compliance with current regulations
  • Data integrity and security via linked automaton control
  • General employee and permissions management
  • Administrative and technical validation throughout all workflow steps

Total traceability

TETRAED is often described to as “the most successful traceability on the market”. Our solution allows for precise tracking of your samples workflow and diffuses information according to the results

Sample Reception

Digitized sampling (tablet/web)
Reception / Registration
Verification (Contract review)

Edition of Tags

Creation of bar codes and tags: sample, bag, petri dish, tube, consumable, station, technician, sampling, diluent, media, dilution, volume, batch number

Station reading / Automaton control

Dilution / Grinding / Inoculating / Incubation / Enumeration

Alerts and traceability reports

 Alerts (email, text message, and notification on control screen) / Summary (sample, consumable, batch number) / Decisional traceability (technician, station, automaton, batch release)

Designed to simplify your life.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Adapted to your environment
  • Simple contact point for the entire implementation of the project

TETRAED enables quick and easy deployment in the laboratory

Software extension

Storage management, customer relantionships, connectivity and mobility and other powerful features


Manage, pilot, and control

Manage all purchases, consumables, suppliers and stocks (batch numbers, expiry date, labels, and barcodes).

Have a total traceability on inputs / outputs of consummations. Benefit from a close collaboration with EBP-PGI (management software).


Automation and automaton control

In partnership with our manufacturers of microbiological equipment, Interscience, ABE and Biomérieux, we develop the control (mono and bi-directional)   of all automaton range. Management of planning of oven inputs/outputs, integration of temperature control alerts and automaton data, colony counter, integration of Excel sheets from physic-chemistry automaton. TETRAED Connect is the guarantee of a total traceability in your laboratory.


100% digitized sampling and analysis

Give your sampler technicians freedom and autonomy of movement thanks to tablets connected to TETRAED. Optimize and secure sample registration.
Get total traceability by synchronizing all of your data to LIMS. Deleting all risks of error by eliminating paper traceability information retyping


Secure exchange with your clients

Essential platform for the exchange of information with your clients, guaranteeing total traceability.
In order to avoid falsification of analysis reports, in collaboration with IANESCO, we made the association “E-mail + PDF report” tamper-proof by a digital impression system. This means that each report sent is accompanied by a unique and encrypted digital impression in the foot of the email.


Your decision-making tool

Whether you are Manager, Director or quality, laboratory, production technician, service manager, this is the collaborative tool indispensable for you. TETRAED REPORT allows you to be autonomous to create and update your dashboards. Share, send and report results of the analysis through batch release. Thanks to TETRAED Report, communication has never been so easy.


Interaction with your clients and prospects

Ideal for service providers, this collaborative module in connection with Outlook, aims to enable you to manage sales, marketing, customer relations, sales procedures...

A single platform for all these services. The CRM is growing with you.

We have chosen TETRAED for its flexibility, its team on human scale and its price.

Nicolas AUDONNET, Logistic and purchasing manager – IANESCO

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the installation of the software disrupt my environment? Will I lose all my data on Excel by switching to TETRAED?

The experience of TETRAED teams allows an easier integration with less impact on the laboratories organization. TETRAED guarantees you the durability of your work. It integrates natively Excel. Whether statistics, worksheet or calculation sheets, dashboards and automatics exports.

How can I communicate easily with my clients?

TETRAED thought about it, the software is at the heart of the communication with the laboratory environment. It allows the secured transmission of PDF reports, sending mail, Excel sheet, dashboards provision, and statistics. Internal communication is guaranteed with different services: quality, production, management. Externally, communication with your clients is optimized with our TETRAED Web, Report and Center modules.

Does TETRAED allow to manage Challenge and aging tests?

Thanks to an intuitive setting, without any programming, you can do your challenge and aging tests. You can also perform a manufacturing monitoring, from raw materials to finished products.

Can samplers have a tablet with GPS coordinates?

TETRAED Mobility is the answer to your needs, it allows to integrate natively GPS coordinates. The integrated coordinates: WGS84 with two systems of units: decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds).

I have several lab sites, is installation possible?

TETRAED benefits from a centralized organization in star mode: a common settings database, an integrated subcontracting between sites, an environment per site or laboratory. Whether you have two laboratories or more than 100 different sites, TETRAED adapts to your industrial configuration.

What about quotes and invoices?

TETRAED manages the complete trade chain. From the quoting to invoicing with the accounting linkage. A CRM module (Customer Relationship Management) completes this trade chain.

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