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Chief executive – ES QUALITÉ

A LIMS software was essential in order to manage data flow, from activity planning to results report, through analytical process.

Tetraed was presented being versatile and good value for money against the competition. Tetraed enables to manage the technical and administrative activity of the laboratory: commercial offers and invoicing; planning, on-site services, laboratory analyzes, clients reports…

Tetraed meets the principal needs of a service provider laboratory, it is properly configurable to adapt to the specificity of each entity.

After a time of study, settings and adaptation, Tetraed met the management needs of laboratory activities. The solution is versatile. The hotline is available in case of difficulty, even though all problems cannot be easily resolved.


Logistic and purchasing manager - IANESCO

We wanted to improve flows, centralize information and have easy data transfer to clients and web interface

We have chosen TETRAED for its flexibility, its team on human scale and its price.

The software has a good support for installation and setting of the LIMS. LeTeC has developed new solutions if some features were not initially available.

Our three key features? Messenger, WEB and automatic mailing (reports, quotes, invoices…)

Good support for the software implementation with regular monitoring and progressive training. Several developments have been made by LeTeC in order to adapt the solution to our needs. After two years with Tetreaed, the productivity gain for our laboratory is significant. Moreover the proposed solution is always evolving on a regular basis.

Frédéric PIRES

Product quality manager - GRAND MOULINS DE PARIS

The company was looking for a common tool and a standardized interface for all the laboratories of the group. After a selection from a provisional budget, we finally chose TETRAED. Indeed, during the first presentation and demo with the users, the software appeared being friendly with a great flexibility and adaptability.

During the implementation, the creation of a specific field has strongly responded to our needs. The reporting module was also a decisive element in the decision making process. It makes possible to compile and use all the data in real time. This statistical processing facilitates very quickly the quality monitoring.

In terms of installation and settings, our objectives were very ambitious. The constant and constructive exchanges between LeTeC and our Technical Department allowed to start without delay. After 3 years using TETRAED, our needs and the software potential allow us to imagine several developments to modernize the process of our laboratories.

I know that LeTeC is available and very attentive about our future improvements. For us, “TETRAED” is a major successful project.


Acting partner - AQMC

Our old LIMS was obsolete and with no prospect of evolution.

We chose TETRAED because I knew it from a past experience.

TETRAED helped us by improving the analysis management through many possibilities and adaptations. Advantages? Transmission of documents by email, the associated traceability, invoicing management, the autonomy for the settings.

Providing a LIMS is complex for company. Needs are specific and so are expectations. LeTeC provides the necessary efforts to understand the needs and offer a modular and evolving solution. The support service is present if necessary. To this day, we have never been stuck when using TETRAED. This is a big argument when you have experienced this kind of problem.


Chief executive – NATURA CHIMICA

What led us to move towards a LIMS? We wanted to optimize our process in the laboratory and ensure the traceability of actions

TETRAED has a great flexibility and a good value for money.

Having no LIMS before the introduction of TETRAED, its implementation allowed us to automate the result and invoice reports. Our clients have not been impacted by this integration, they have all been able to keep their specificity. For our part, we have gained in efficiency and safety.

It is hard to highlight key features because all the features we use are important to us. Nevertheless, the big advantage of TETRAED is its amazing flexibility for the settings.

The collaboration with LeTeC is very professional, we have quick answers and solutions.

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